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Welcome to Fans Planet, your exclusive free of charge fansite hosting dedicated to the best fansites only. If you are a webmaster or webmistress looking for some space for your fansite, you have just found the right place! Familiarize yourself with the offer, read the rules and fill in an application form, while we will reach you as soon as possible. Fans Planet is the only fansite hosting which provides the best and unique hosting features. Good luck!

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All available domains and fansites for adoption are provided below. In order to apply for such a domain or fansite, simply fill in an application form properly and do not forget to state exactly which domain name or fansite you apply for.

Fansites for adoption:

Domains for adoption: (Alexander Skarsgård) adopt! (Kristen Stewart) adopt! (Vanessa Hudgens) adopt! (Alex Reynolds) adopt! (Ansel Elgort) adopt! (Charli XCX) adopt!

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